Critical Incidents - Which Sessions Will You Attend?

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Critical Incidents - Which Sessions Will You Attend?

Soon we will be asking you to register you preferences for your breakout sessions – look out for a series of tweets about what we have to tempt you!

Learning from Critical Incidents through Simulation

The patient safety agenda has been a major driver behind the increasing incorporation simulation education in both undergraduate and postgraduate clinical curricula. As the National Patient Safety Agency identified ‘The vast majority of NHS care is safe, but mistakes do happen, sometimes with tragic consequences. We can only prevent these problems if we learn from what goes wrong’. Such mistakes often have roots in both clinical and non-technical skills and require consideration of the wider system factors that have predisposed to the mistake. Simulation education, coherent with the key tenants of experiential and adult learning theories, is well placed to provide learning that can traverse these domains.

This workshop will draw upon pioneering work carried out at the University Hospital of North Tees to embed simulation education into the clinical governance mechanisms for dealing with critical incidents. There will opportunity to discuss the results and experience of developing simulation educational interventions to address learning needs identified through critical incidents.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to consider potential roles for simulation education to address local critical incidents. Discussion will include practical tips on how to begin using simulation to address learning needs for both specific individuals and wider clinical teams identified through analysis of critical incidents. The aim of the session is to explore the use of simulation education in developing a robust educational response to critical incidents.

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