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Throughout the year the network is giving our Simulation Centres the opportunity to showcase the kinds of activities they are doing and facilities that they have by reviewing a months activity or giving us a general tour and overview.

For March we are visiting DASH - who are looking back at February 2018!

Dinwoodie Assessment and Simulation Hub

Dash is a large repurposed ward based at Wansbeck General Hospital in Ashington Northumberland; we have two large five bedded simulation wards both with control rooms and SMOTS cameras, a large seminar room and five further training rooms, a wet room for medical meats and moulage and a large reception area. All our rooms can be converted into wards as the centre has been kept very clinical and have live oxygen and suction and hand washing facilities. All our rooms have projectors or large LCD screens on which presentations can be shown or the SMOTS cameras can be viewed live. We house a large and varied collection of simulation manikins and part task trainers both adult and paediatric.

We have now been open for just over one and a half years, in that time we have had Undergraduate Medical Students, Foundation year doctors, Nursing Students, Nurses, Maternity, Anaesthetics,Surgery, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Community staff, GP’s and large external courses such as the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the European Trauma Course through our doors. We have also hosted a number of regional courses.

February at DASH has been a busy time and as DASH has become more established it gets busier still as we now have bookings years in advance. We now have gained an apprentice called Callum O’Neil, he is a welcome addition to our team and is a great help with the running of the centre and business administration, he is a whizz with Excel and helps create complex spread sheets for all our analytical data we require. DASH 1.jpg

We started off February with an ITU Nurses course and FY1 Simulation Teaching and then ran PROMPT the next day in which we use our SimMom ‘Roxanne’ to train midwives and Obs & Gynae in dealing with failed intubation and post-partum haemorrhage (PPH), these days can become very messy as we prime SimMom with bags of blood and urine and fill her with plenty of blood clots made from the finest red jellies and fake blood. When the placenta is pulled from the SimMom it can explode everywhere creating a fantastic splatter pattern over everyone and everything… we have suggested that they should wear scrubs not just for realism but also to stop their fine attire getting covered in clots.

dash 2.jpg

We held our 4th Sim Faculty Development Course for internal and external candidates that proved very popular once again; also this month we have had the undergraduate medical students at DASH attending a variety of HBP, ICP, Child Health and HBP bleeped-out sim days. The Community nursing team held their Long Term Condition day here with some new simulation input from manikins and from simulated patients, the day was previously very dry and didactic. One challenge was making SimMan have bilateral swollen legs for Heart failure (bubble wrap and cling bandage seemed to do the job). We also held a GP Trainee simulation day and The Royal College of Emergency Medicine ran the ACCS course. We also ran our regular courses including: Acute illness management (AIM), Nurses Knowledge in Trauma (NuKIT), and the Nurse Assistant scenario day. The resus team have run their regular ILS Courses but unfortunately had to cancel their regional ALS Course due to the snow.

We also had the honour of several educational visits from Collingwood College in which we showed students with special educational needs how the centre is run, showing and explaining how we use the manikins and what we teach here, students were given the opportunity to try and run the simulators and use all the equipment. We also held a question and answer session with the students. We collaborated with NEAS who sent two paramedics to explain what they do and who showed the students the ins and outs of a real Ambulance and its kit.

DASH 3.jpg

We had two International visitors from NuMed Malaysia, they were teaching fellows who were looking at different ideas around SBE. They stayed with us for a week and joined our faculty development course as candidates, they then spent a week at Newcastle University Medical school in Newcastle.

DASH 4.jpg

We made a Pig torso breath and bleed to create a stab wound to the heart so the ED Consultants were able to perform emergency thoracotomy training.

Videos can also be viewed on our Twitter feed @NorthumbriaDASH or Email us at:

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