Support for a University Qualification in Patient Safety

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Support for a University Qualification in Patient Safety

The Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) at the Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC) is delighted to support a small number individuals to obtain, complete or upgrade a university qualification in Patient Safety in 2017/18 and is inviting expressions of interests from interested applicants.

The course should be in Patient Safety or have a core safety component that has a clear and direct link to Patient Safety. Courses can be Post Graduate Certificate, Diploma or a Master's qualification and the funding can also be used to sponsor an ongoing course. This degree should be from a regional or national university of the candidate's choice, studied part or full time. The support would provide course fees of up to £6,500 per individual.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to further their experience in Patient Safety with a recognised qualification.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants should work in the healthcare sector (NHS) in the North East and/or North Cumbria and have recent experience of working in patient safety or a quality improvement environment.

They will be engaged with or connected to the regional PSC programme or be able to demonstrate how their experience aligns to the work of the Collaborative.

Applicants will have the support of their employers to be released to undertake study (full or part-time).

Applicants should have a degree in a healthcare related subject or a relevant clinical professional or managerial qualification and show an aptitude for becoming leaders in patient safety.

How to Apply

Please send an expression of interest, along with a letter of support from your organisation, and a statement on how your work would have a potential impact on patient safety in the region to Andreia Cavaco at

If you are already on a course please also include an acceptance letter from the University where you are enrolled.

Deadline - Monday 11th September 2017

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