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Multidisciplinary Simulation Course in Obstetrics (MuSiC)

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About The Course

MuSiC in Obstetrics is a multidisciplinary course involving Anaesthetists, Midwives, Operating Department Personnel, Obstetricians and Paediatricians in a high fidelity setting with advanced simulation mannequins.

This exciting course focuses upon an aray of challenging technical and non-technical skills that may be encountered in the obstetric emergency. The course is designed and delivered by experienced clinicians representing the professions working within the obstetric/anaesthetic area and aims to develop both individual and team performance.

As a participant in the course you should expect to be involved in fully immersive simulation training scenarios, group discussion and mini lecture sessions. Throughout the course we use high fidelity simulation training manikins (Laerdal SimMom) and we make use of audiovisual recording and playback to facilitate debriefing exercises. Unless specifically requested all audiovisual data created during the course will automatically be erased.

Duration: 9am – 5pm

Suitable for Anaesthetists, Midwives, Obstetricians, ODP’s/Anaesthetics Nurses and Paediatricians. The course is designed for health care professionals who work within the multidisciplinary team found in any labour ward delivery suit.


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Cost: FREE Lunch will be provided on the day This course attracts 5 CPD points from the Royal College of Anaesthetists For further information contact David Walker - david.walker@ghnt.nhs.uk