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All Things Debriefing

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    20th Nov, 2020
  • Seats available:
    3 of 20
  • Course length:
    1 Day

Course Details

About The Course

North East Simulation Network will be hosting an Advanced "All things debriefing" course hosted by CAE. This will be a virtual training course due to the current pandemic situation.

There are 20 places available funded by the North East Simulation Network.

This is a advanced debriefing course (Level 2) therefore attendees must have previously attended a NESN recognised "intro to sim" course in line with the requirement for the regional faculty development programme (NTUH/CIC if NESN certificated, Northumbria University, DASH or CDDFT intro equivalent courses) or other regions approved courses.

The course is for NHS professionals in the North East and North Cumbria region only.

The day aims to address:

  • • Review of Experiential and constructivism theories
  • • Introduce Cognitive Apprenticeship and NLN / Jeffries Model
  • • Small group work and discussion examining
  • o Best practice guidelines by critiquing others including video clips to draw out teaching points
  • o Creating debriefing plans with practise using a variety of models including Diamond , PEARLS , Delta and considering some other frameworks such as GROW
  • o Exploring challenging situations and the use of Simulation Life Savers
  • o Reviewing practice issues that may emerge during the debrief
  • o Differences between debriefing and feedback
  • o IPE debrief link to IPEC competencies
  • o Mental healthcare for participants and debriefs
  • o QA with Peer Review with resources .

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Attendees must have previoulsly attended an introduction to simulation course and may be required to confirm - a level 1 introduction to simulation course is being held at Northumbria University on Wednesday 25th November There will be 3 further All Things Debriefing Course dates to be announced. This is a virtual course.

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    20th Nov, 2020
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