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Simulated Training in Emergency Paediatrics (STEP)

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About The Course

A fully immersive simulation course focusing upon managing the acute presentation of paediatric emergencies to the A&E department.

The aim of the course is to expose the learner to acute emergency paediatric simulations, focusing on clinical presentations that may not be frequently encountered in clinical practice but are key components of the specialist trainee’s curriculum. You will develop knowledge in the management of emergency paediatric presentations and be exposed to high fidelity simulations of paediatric emergencies, thus recreating the resuscitation room environment and allowing the development of ‘non-technical’ skills.

  • Introduction: Aims objectives, expectations and confidentiality.
  • Simulation: Why use simulation and the role of human factors training in healthcare.
  • Scenarios: Practical exposure to acute paediatric presentations, reflective debriefs, and analysis of roles, and human factors in the emergency department.

Duration: One day.

Minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 candidates.

Target Audience: CT3’s within Emergency Medicine although suitable for others.

Cost: £140 inclusive per individual (Regional CT3’s have a pre-agreed fee of £100)

Course Lead: Paul Egdell – Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Contact: Clinical skills and Simulation centre for further information.


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This course costs £140 inclusive per individual. Regional CT3 within Emergency Medicine have an agreed discounted rate of £100